Best of 2009

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December is here. Can you believe it? A year of music already gone. A DECADE of music, if you will, is behind us (that’s a whole other story). And something barely audible is already stretching its tentacles into 2010 to begin another trend. But before we leap into the new year, I think it’s time we celebrate 2009 the only way that I know. So help me out with your votes for Best of 2009 releases! Here’s what I need from you. I’ll make it easy, but please stick to the format in order to help me compile all of this at the end.

(note: you don’t have to submit for all categories)
Top 10 favorite full-length albums. On each line write ARTIST – ALBUM.
Top 5 favorite compilations or mixes. On each line write LABEL – TITLE.
Top 3 favorite labels of the year. On each line write the LABEL.
Top 3 favorite new artists of the year. On each line write the ARTIST.

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