Two and a Half Questions with The Refractors

The Refractors

What brought on an idea behind this conceptual album?
History being cyclical and the lessons unlearned.

With the title such as 8 Year Sleep, are you implying that you/we are awake now?
We would refer to a certain proposition that was passed here in California as clear evidence that many are still under a waking sleep.

What are some of the fun sounds we hear on the album, and how did you go about recording them?
You hear the sounds of sea foam, fog touching power lines, water drops on an electrical stovetop, Bolex 8mm film camera, 78 rpm phonograph, rope lines tightening, ocean, shifting rocks, and water lapping underneath a home in Venice. All of the field recordings were captured with shotgun microphones.

What instruments do you play on 8 Year Sleep?
Autoharp, ebow, lap steel, hollow body guitar, kalimba, singing bowl, harmonium, piano, analogue synth, organic seed pod shakers, gourd shakers, and Glockenspiel.

How did you end up getting signed to Dynamophone?
We mailed out our only demo of the album to Dynamophone…