Two and a Half Questions with Mechanical Steering

Mechanical Steering

You initially started off with an alias Head. Why did you change your name to Mechanical Steering?
The answer is very simple. After some time, I realized that there are many artists with the name “Head”. I was discovering hundreds and thousands of them on the net. I needed something more unique and original. It was possible for me to undergo a name change easily, since I’m still not that famous in the music business yet.

How did you end up releasing 10:10pm all on your own?
This is even easier to answer – I could not find a label which could properly promote my material. I gave up on working with a netlabel since I received no exposure at all. My own promotion on Myspace was more fruitful than theirs. I will continue to look for a sensible label. I am also interested in playing live, since this allows for a larger exposure to my music.

What do you think is the most difficult aspect of finding a label?
Today, is a very tough time for a real artist. If you do not produce something that follows the mainstream sound, something easy and nice, you have a very small chance of finding a label. Do note, that even if the label will produce and sponsor something new and fresh, it must still be a bit traditional, and must work well with the label’s agenda. Only a small number of artists are lucky enough to cross this bridge, or brave enough to go on their own in special and unique way. And this is very sad…

Who are some of your inspirations?
I see inspirations everywhere: in nature, in art, in every single sound, like the sound of a passing train, for example. Everything depends on having an open mind and from your perception of the world.

I never limit myself.