Two and a Half Questions with Deru

Where does the name ‘Deru’ come from?
Deru is an Indo-European root of some modern words like “duration”, and “tree”. I’ve always liked the idea that releasing music is like giving birth to a living entity, like a tree that grows roots with each new person that listens.

Tell us about your newly completed album.
It’s called “Say Goodbye To Useless” and it’s about ridding your life of unnecessary shit; stripping it down to the things that are most important to you. I’m really excited about it. I’m in talks with labels now so I’m not sure yet which one is going to release it yet, but it should drop the first half of ’09.

How is post-Merck world different for you, as an electronic producer?
I loved working with Merck. Gabe was so good to deal with; fair, responsive, and great attention to detail. He put out great shit, what more can you ask for? The things that made Gabe want to stop are the same things that’s made most of the small labels go away – everybody stopped paying for music. People now are trying to figure out what the new model is going to be, and no one’s figured it out yet, but their are new ideas emerging and I have faith that a new solution will come. The music hasn’t changed, people will always make great music, so it’s just about finding the new model to support the artist so they can continue doing that.

Chicago has a very fragmented electronic music scene. Do you think you’ll ever come back?
I love Chicago. I go back a lot and really value the fact that I grew up there. I haven’t lived there in a decade though, so I don’t really know what it would be like to live their as an adult. Will I go back? Not for a while, and after that it’s anyone’s guess.