May 30, 2021

And just like that, we’re halfway through the year. Can you believe it? How can that truly be? Bonkers. I feel like I just shared with you about 10 releases from May 16th, and here we go again! This column was originally born out of my constant drive to share music with the world, and as it all piled up, and precious time escaped, I felt that short and curtailed quotes were better than omitting. I’ve also accidentally fallen into trap of chase, premiering tracks and videos as labels tried to steer. I think I’ll curb a bit of that, and focus back on the essentials. Don’t take this as complaints, I’m simply sharing notions. But back to sounds at stake. Before I dive into another round, I’d love to share this documentary from Constantine Skourlis, in which filmmaker Galaxias Spanos captured this composer’s process. “The film emphasizes on the ‘creative act’ of the composer, who is always there, present from the beginning of each work he deals with.” I recommend that you revisit this Greek artist’s albums, released on Bedouin Records, both of which I’ve covered here in detail: Hades (2017) and Eternal Recurrence (2020).