June 29, 2021

So I think I’m a little burned out, folks. I can tell because I’m a month behind on some of the words I was hoping to write, lost in my calendar of moving and scheduled events, chasing some finish line that’s just post horizon. I feel like I’m doing more than ever and still not getting anything done. Anyway, the most important thing is recognizing this and taking a break. So that’s what I’m going to do for the month of July. Do a bit of outdoor travelling, recharging my batteries, and resting my ears. There’s been a lot of great music, so I don’t think you will even notice me while I’m gone. And anyway, I’ll leave you with this selection of albums that I’ve been playing throughout this month. These will surely keep you busy in my absence. And fear not, I’ll come back in a month, as I always do, for I can’t seem to live a life without music.