October 23, 2020

At this point, I assume that even you are tired of me complaining about too much music. For some transparency, before I write even a short Sound Bytes entry, I listen to the album at least half a dozen times, sometimes revisit the artist’s earlier works, and then I write for about an hour while the album is playing again. Only after this, I read the press release, and then confirm if I have missed a concept or a fact. More time is set aside for dressing up the article and posting social tweets. But even with this lockdown, as I’ve been churning out nearly an album per day, it’s just too much, for your ears and for mine. Okay, let’s try something new. The following are the albums that are released today, which I have played through and enjoyed, but there is just no way that I can get through them and tell you about in detail. This is not a rushed out listing of everything that is out today – it is indeed the music I would recommend!

Oh, and here’s a new video by Lambert featuring Cole Collective! Also out today!