Cécile Seraud


Release Notes

Label: Self-released
Release: Shoden
Date: October 23, 2020
Mastered By: Damien Tillaut
Artwork By: Yoann Buffeteau

I’ve got another video for you. What can I say? I’m a sucker for emotive solo piano music. The type of music that evokes a heartfelt response. The type through which I can connect to with its composer. Today’s gorgeous playing is courtesy of a French pianist, Cécile Seraud, who picked up the piano after having studied classical guitar at the conservatory. With some recording and production help from Sylvain Texier (you may know him as Ô Lake), Seraud sets out to compose ten pieces for her first album, Shoden, which features gentle, fragile music, “where each note matters to reach just the right emotion.” As you listen (and watch), you can hear the inspiration of contemporary composers, as well as the classical legends such as Frederic Chopin and Erik Satie. The short piece for the video, with visuals captured by Matthieu Tillaut, reflects on the “contrast of the existence.” Elements of nostalgia, childhood memories and our very sense of being are explored through the delicate piano keys. Other pieces on the full-length also feature a cello (performed by Juliette Divry) and a hint of atmospheric strings. It’s a gem of a release, which comes out on October 23rd. But for now, here’s the video.

The instrument revealed a part of myself I had never been aware of, and I started to compose music – sometimes even at night. These dreamlike melodies enable me to appreciate emotions and feelings in ways words can’t express. They free me to find a way to understand what is essential and universal.

— Cécile Seraud

Once again, the album is released on October 23rd, which you can grab directly via Bandcamp or any of your favorite streaming platforms. “It’s like a contemplative journey that leads with a delicate touch to the deepest part of the heart.” I’m looking forward to knowing Cécile through her music. We already have so much in common…