November 20, 2020

It’s been another week of lockdown in London. The streets are empty and it’s raining a lot. Nevertheless, it’s important to acknowledge the positives that come with every change of every season. For example, if it wasn’t for this crazy turn of events, I would have carried on with my busy life and would have not set aside the extra time that’s needed to truly dive into sound synthesis, from granular to physical modeling, to setting up a modular skiff or dusting off my older virtual analog gear (like Roland JP-8000, Clavia Nord Lead 2, and Access Virus C). I also probably wouldn’t have found the energy to take over the Contemplative Classical site and keep it going for all those that enjoy being part of the community. You should acknowledge some of yours! Anyway, enough chit chat – here’s a list of albums that are coming out today that have caught my attention! This time I’m listing them in alphabetical order by artist, to avoid any accidental prejudice, because [ahem!] my album with James Murray is among the new ones on this shelf!