In the studio with Martyn Heyne

“… all the great recordings were made with what people had available to them at the time, and Picasso already knew: when I haven’t got any blue, I use red…”

In the studio with Pole

“… I put a lot of focus into the sound design, atmospheric composition, and structure, […] it is the one formula that I use to make my sound audible…”

In the studio with Snorri Hallgrímsson

“My compositions are bound by the parameters of where they were created. And so to prevent my creativity from stagnating, I need to change those parameters every now and then…”

In the studio with Henrik Lindstrand

“…I find it very useful to invite people to the studio, to listen ‘through their ears’… even without saying a word, you can tell if a piece works or not just by listening together with someone…”

In the studio with Hugar

“… we like to try to make acoustic instruments sound like they are electronic and electronic instruments sound like they are acoustic…”