Music For Crawling Through Abandoned Cities

Abandoned places and desolate spaces, covered with rain, snow, and ash, wrapped in a blanket of white noise and pulsating bass, somewhat metallic, chilly, and wet. These are the images for these sounds for these places of my mind. Something is trembling with the beat of my heart. Tick-tock. Time rewinds to the mid-nineties, and I’m back in Berlin, and Moritz Von Oswald is cutting the wax on his Basic Channel imprint. Fast forward, and I’m immersed in the DeepChord sounds of Rod Modell and Mike Schommer. Flip to the present, and I am crawling among the empty streets of my hometown, which is slowly receding into the concrete cobwebs. We’re locked in and out. These events may come and go, in an endless cycle of oceanic waves. But the music stays with us. Always.

Play selections from this list from an archive of a live broadcast on Mixcloud.

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