Brueder Selke

Q3Ambientfest 2023

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I am always happy to bring new sounds to your ears [and mine!], and today I’ve got a mix showcasing some special selections from the upcoming boutique music festival named Q3Ambientfest, which will take place this year in June. Creating a perfect balance between some established and emerging artists of various genres and diverse origins, this event showcases a wide range and reach of the music scene. The festival [and this mix] is curated by Brueder Selke, East Berlin-born, Potsdam-based, multi-instrumental composers Sebastian and Daniel Selke, who are also known under their pseudonym CEEYS. “Each year, Brueder Selke invite like-minded friends and renowned artists to meet on a common, physical stage, and, with performances that range between academic avant-garde and accessible pop, develop a kind of cinematic music that holds a mirror up to and makes audible the eclectic architecture of the world-famous Filmstadt Potsdam, with its neoclassical palaces and socialist brutalism.” For this hour-long showcase, they have selected many pieces traversing the roster, including music by Jakob Lindhagen, Vargkvint, Mabe Fratti, Julia Reidy, Yair Elazar Glotman, their very own Brueder Selke project, and many more.

You can find more details on the festival here :

We mixed smooth and silent with bright and intense pieces and invite open-minded music lovers to discover today’s contemporary composers and performers featured on Q3A

— Brueder Selke


  •  Jakob Lindhagen & VargkvintBäckahäst
  •  Dirk MarkhamOur Condition
  •  Julia Reidyof neither
  •  Ben Osborn and Alex StolzeQinah (Lament)
  •  AustardaSuis Moi
  •  Sofia PaezPreludio
  •  Laura CannellSomeone Will Remember us in Another Time
  •  Grand RiverAll There Now
  •  Mabe FrattiEn Medio
  •  Yair Elazar GlotmanA Child
  •  Johannes MalfattiCloud Sketches III
  •  Brueder SelkeMarienborn
  •  Sergio Díaz De RojasPorcelain
  •  Cedric VermueBefore Us
  •  VilleminSirens
  •  Will SamsonArpy
  •  Ben OsbornThe Fire
  •  Hélène VogelsingerGame B
  •  Tim LinghausI Was Atoms And Waves
  •  Simon AnsingIf Only I Had An Elevator