Release Notes

Release: Spotlight Series: Harp
Date: March 11, 2022
Performed By: Olivia Jageurs
Mastered By: James Kenosha
Artwork By: Deiniol Owen

Don’t let the cover art or the title of this track deceive you! Yes, there is a depiction of a samurai, and yes, Koi are the Japanese amur carp that swim in decorative outdoor ponds and water gardens, and yes, now that I’m thinking about it, there are elements of elegance and movement in the music that may transcend the title and the album art, but I promise you it’s not a drill’n’bass track with some glitched out bass drops. The track I am premiering for you today is actually taken from Matt Emery‘s second instalment in the “Spotlight Series” for which, this time, he focuses on harp. For this series of EPs, Emery showcases the virtuosity, tonal range, and timbre-rich textures of each instrument. His previous entry for Injazero showcased the cello (see this track preview of “Anxiety Mist“), and featured a samurai, once again, preparing for the battle. And although the theme of a battle is still present on this EP, it is now enveloped with water. Hence the koi in the pond. Specifically composed by Emery for this stringed instrument, the piece is performed by the London-based Olivia Jageurs, who has recently won the Royal Philharmonic Trailblazer Award. Oh, and besides being a celebrated composer, Emery also produces an amazing Contemplative Podcast hosted in conjunction with Contemplative Classical and Headphone Commute!

‘Koi Swirls’ is a meditative piece evoking contemplation and reflection. It melodically mimics the graceful and elegant movement of the Koi Carp through the waters. The piece ebbs and flows culminating in the hypnotic swirls illustrated by the harp and bursts with a final push and key change before reducing back to a state of calm.

The EP will be out on March 11th. And if you like the design as much as I do, you may want to also grab a t-shirt designed by Deiniol Owen of Fulmar Illustration. Click this Bandcamp link for more.