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After listening to a lot of music in the very same genre, sometimes you just need a headcleaner. You know? Today is a perfect day for that. Oh, and do you remember Sirat‘s Noir mixes? Those dark and beautiful concoctions, paying tribute to the film-noir genre “with its characteristic anti-heroes, femmes fatales, gangsters and dirty dealings.” Well, it just happens to be that Ernesto Gerez along with his partner in crime, Javier Campos, also dabble in some dub-infused delicious drum’n’bass under the project named Clima. So I’ve asked him to put together a very special Headphone Commute Mix, peppered, of course, with the tracks from this Spanish duo, to showcase their very special style. And so, folks, here we are – sharing with you about 45-minutes of some spacious, engaging, and inspiring music, in the genre which is often geared towards the dancefloor. I hope you enjoy as much as I have – this has been playing on repeat all day long here.

We could describe our sound as dark and deep with a dubby feeling, although there are certain times when we make songs that have a melancholy vibe on them or we take it to another direction with more energetic and positive vibes. We’re attracted to using the current sonic possibilities and mixing them with our own ideas, based on all the old school music that we have not forgotten and that both have learned. We try to keep a balance between old and new, contemporary music without forgetting the roots.


  •  Ahmad & ClimaEvora
  •  GoldieThe Ballad Celeste (Mako remix)
  •  ClimaEl Peso De Las Palabras
  •  ClimaNew Jersey
  •  CalibreBlackhole Dub
  •  ClimaWhen It Rains It Pours
  •  ClimaFallen
  •  MikalScrapyard Dub
  •  Clima feat. Slider & ExposeFreedom
  •  Clima feat. Slider & ExposeAll Fall Down
  •  Bop feat. SubwaveSpace Warp
  •  ClimaNo Matter What
  •  SatlJust Words
  •  CalibreNo One Gets You
  •  Artificial IntelligencePerilous
  •  ResponseMirror Image
  •  QuartzWeird Nightmares
  •  ResponseBetrayal
  •  SubjectsBeats For Now
  •  HarmonyDance With Me
  •  SullyLifted
  •  Wax DoctorHeat
  •  Tim ReaperSunrise