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Well, it’s almost the end of this dreadful year, and I’ve got one more mix for you before I sign off… This one is episode number 290. Can you believe it? By the way, I was recently forced (by my host) to take all of my past mixes offline. As a result, I’ve migrated the last year of mixes to Podbean. So if you are experiencing any technical difficulties with downloading, streaming, or anything else, please reach out, and we’ll sort it! Meanwhile, this beautiful selection from noition, who last contributed his child of nature mix back in 2017, should get you smooth sailing into the new year. Just look at that amazing tracklist! It’s been on rotation in Headphone Commute studios for a week now (vinyl crackle and all), so as you play it, you can imagine that we’re sharing this experience together, a better thought than listening alone. Anyway, I wish you all serenity, poised mental strength, and healthy choice in lifestyle! I’ll see you [virtually] next year when I return with my Best of 2020 selections!

My mixes regularly have a story. Therefore I have a pool of different topics. When I listen to music I (mostly) sort them into different groups. For example, I selected all music with nature sounds for the last mix I’ve made for Headphone Commute. Some topics grow faster than others. When I have a few matching records I start with the first ideas of mixing. For this current mix, I need more time than usual. It’s very important that you are in the mood for these different topics. In the last year, I wasn’t in the mood for mixing records that I interpreted as church/choir/religious music. But yeah, a few days ago I found this folder and started mixing. Suddenly it was a quick process to finish this project and it feels peaceful. Maybe it was the spirit of the pre-Christmas time. Enjoy the mix and Christmas days. Stay healthy.

— noition


  •  Jon HopkinsFeel First Life
  •  Sigur RósEkki múkk
  •  Jónsi & AlexDaníell In The Sea
  •  Julianna BarwickForever
  •  Max RichterIconography
  •  Popol VuhAguirre I (l’acrime di rei)
  •  A Winged Victory For The SullenAtomos I
  •  Kin LeonnSomewhere
  •  Jónsi & AlexBoy 1904
  •  Jóhann JóhannssonHoly Thursday (Ég heyrði allt án þess að hlusta)
  •  Max RichterPath 5 (Delta)