Welcome to HC 3.0 BETA! It’s called 3.0 because this is the third official iteration of the site design (or a complete overhaul in this case) since the original launch back in 2008. We say BETA because it has not been officially announced yet, so you have either come here by invitation, a social post, or just stumbled upon it through some links. Either way, please keep in mind that the site is not 100% ready, and we’re still working out some kinks. Most recent content could be missing as well. The current site (this is where our Best of 2018 are published) is available for your pleasure at headphonecommute.com

If you choose to stick around here are a few neat features to check out. Headphone Commute’s new look has been designed by Francis Redman and implemented by Marlow Perceval. We’ve enlarged the album cover look for that “vinyl” look, improved the article categorization, and implemented infinite scroll on the search results. Each album review features Release Notes where you can learn more about the label, similar artists, and a mastering engineer (if available), with a set of icons taking you directly to purchase or stream the album. We’ve streamlined the flow of the article to make it cleaner and easy to read. Directly embedded track streams are prominently featured, where available.

We’re also excited to introduce a new Label Directory featuring some of our favourite imprints and the associated writeups available throughout the last decade. This will slowly grow in content over the next year as we link up available reviews. Meanwhile, you can check out the ones for Glacial Movements, Dronarivm, Home Normal, Injazero, n5MD, Ghostly, A Strangely Isolated Place, Lost Tribe Sound, Sonic Pieces, 130701, and many others.

OK, we’ll keep this nice and short. Browse around, click on things, and if you find something that looks broken, please report it!