Announcing the new Headphone Commute Forum!

Well, maybe not so ‘new’ forum, since it was unofficially revealed a few weeks ago, but anyway… What is it and why are we doing it? Aren’t there enough social web sites already? Why would you need to register and go to yet another place for all your music needs? After a few weeks of Beta testing the platform, I think I’ve got some answers…

Although today’s social media sites dominate our time and internet usage, it feels like we’re disconnected from each other more than ever. A tweet here, a like there, an offhand remark or a bookmark for later… All these impersonal communications do not bring us closer. And yet, I’m always interested in connecting with you, on a very personal level. After all, the entire purpose of Headphone Commute is that I recommend music for you! It’s that simple!

So the Forum is a place to visit and share your favorite latest music gems, mixes and music videos, production techniques and audiophile toys. This is also a place where you can share your upcoming event or self-promote your latest release. I don’t mind and welcome it! And as usual, I took care of removing all the ads, so that your experience is enjoyable and non-intrusive.

So stop by and say hello! It will be nice to meet you!