It’s been nearly two years since Arovane came back to the scene with his Ve Palor on n5MD. Since then, Uwe Zahn, managed to self release two more fascinating experimental albums, Eleeve and lyid skor, which you can pick up on his bandcamp. We’ve also been honored to host a Headphone Commute Mix by Arovane back in 2013, and so when we reached out for a refresher, he happily obliged. Given a total freedom of selection, Zahn picked some challenging, fascinating, and extremely fun pieces for your enjoyment.

claude debussy-danseuses de delphes
ryuichi skamoto grasshoppers-thousand knifes of
severed heads-dressed in air-bad mood guy
the wolfgang press-slow as a child-the bureden of mules
talk talk- new grass- laughing stock
steven brown- besides all that- me and you and the licorice stick
sprechstunde bei dr. waumiau
piano magic-bird machine-low birth weight
holger hiller- or so- oben im eck
severed heads- propellor- (come visit) the big bigot
the music of adolf wölfli- allgebrah -performed by graeme revell
the wolfgang press-hammer the halo-standing up straight
john waterman-blue nazi lagoon teaser- illusions of infinite bliss
tuxedomoon-some guys-holy wars
laurie anderson-blue lagoon-mister heartbreak
david sylvian -the god of silence-uncommon deities
porya hatami -ant-the garden

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