Alastair Kelly

Let Your Light Glow

If you haven’t noticed, I had a nice vacation in Japan (see HC’s Instagram), but now I’m back, ripping through the archives of unpublished reviews, interviews and mixes. To cleanse the palette a bit from the usual Headphone Commute fare, we invite you to check out this hour-long mix by Alastair Kelly, who has previously graced us with Ryde to PortsmouthUnlike the latter, Let Your Light Glow is more of a deep and dubby techno journey, full of clocking rhythms and rolling bass, across an excellent selection of favorite artists. Please enjoy responsibly and support the featured artists!

p.s. Happy Birthday, Alastair!

The Architect – Inside Out (Karloff)
Vince Watson – Intrisync (Headspace Recordings)
Mathew Jonson – Typerope (Itiswhatitis Recordings)
Stephan Laubner – Portside Waves (Perlon)
Retina.IT – Communicazione Postmoderna (Hefty Records)
I.A. Bericochea – Rojo/R2 (M_nus)
Languis – Parallel To The Atmospheric Sound Of Silence Part II (Plug Research)
Jichael Mackson – Used (Phictiv Records)
Process – Horizon (Traum Schallplatten)
Smyglyssna – White Walls (Background)
Smyglyssna – Rekonstruktion (Plug Research)
Dettinger – Puma/B1 (Kompakt)
Vladislav Delay – Lehka (max.Ernst)
Phono.o – Interact (Cytrax)
Lux – Data (Deepchord)
Convextion – Crawling & Hungry (Tektite Recordings)
Round Four – Find A Way (Version) (Main Street Records)
Round Three – Acting Crazy (Instrumental) (Main Street Records)
Paul St. Hilaire & René Löwe – Faith (False Tuned)

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