The Centrifuge is a UK-based electronic arts collective and a record label specializing in exploring electronica, glitch, IDM and even drill’n’bass. Operating since 2008, The Centrifuge has put out many digital releases that tickle our eardrums, including releases by Lodsb and Velapene Screen. This particular mix is put together by the mysterious missaw, who, from what I can gather, is the person behind the collective!

This podcast is in the most part compiled from tracks featuring in The Centrifuge’s 5th Anniversary Compilation which is due out this summer. For HC I’ve made a beat-driven selection which I hope enlivens many a headphone commute! You can find out our label and Europe-wide events programme at

00:00 Scrubber Fox – Takin No Shiz
03:11 Duke Slammer – Diamond In The Raw
06:20 Deech – Skyworm
10:15 Exillon – Balloon Last Breath
14:00 Roy of the Ravers – Twilight Zone
18:49 Mike Dred – Pass Of Acheron (Raving Inferno Edit)
23:29 Global Goon – Bewd’s Reciprocal
27:49 Carl Brown – Kakapo (Microphyst Remix)
30:55 Neil Landstrumm – MC 1% cocaine
34:54 D’Arcangelo – MHIA
40:02 Terminal11 – With My Mind
42:04 Paul Blackford – Falken’s Maze
45:39 EOD – Sloshed
48:56 Rotodrone – Aye For An Eye
53:13 Wisp – Imbolc Moon

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