Mix : Nils Frahm


Before the year is officially over, we manage to squeeze out yet another mix. This is our 70th podcast! If you’re just discovering our mixes, it’s time to subscribe via iTunes and download all of our previous releases (we’re thinking of cleaning up the archives and only keeping the last year online)! For this end of the year special, we’re featuring a selection of tunes from Nils Frahm, collected for his friends and family, and now shared with you! With a touch of Christmas, Frahm winds down the year and warms up your hearts for this holiday season…

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Cover Artwork by Torsten Posselt

The Beach Boys – Auld Lang Syne
William Baines – Untitled
Alexei Lubimov – Post Scriptum: II. Andantino
John Lurie – A Woman Can Take You To Another Universe
Alexander Lonquich – Olivier Messiaen – Preludes for piano, La Colombe
Jan Johansson – Untitled
Bascom Lamar Lunsford – In The Shadow of the Pines
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis – Moving On
Tom Waits – New York Mood
Sufjan Stevens – Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!
Grouper – Alien Observer
Jon Brion – Theme
F. S. Blumm – Untitled
The Beach Boys – Bells of Christmas
Tom Waits – Silent Night
Sufjan Stevens – Silent Night
Gidon Kremer – The Seasons Digest
Haydn / Horowitz – Piano Sonata in E-flat Major
David Darling – Darkwood VII – The Picture

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