May 6th, 2024

This weekend, I spent time catching up on all the music I missed last month while on my travels. The sun came out, and it was hard to stay inside, but once the London weather turned back to “normal”, it was actually nice to cosy up in the studio with some darker sounds. Check out, for example, that Imperial Valley album, which is none other than Richard Skelton coming out of the shadows with yet another one of his pseudonyms, digging up archival recordings from the Depression era of Southern California! Stay in those shadows with an original film score by Aaron Martin, then dive into the chilling depths with Aidan Baker‘s new record for Glacial Movements, and get introduced to the Hungarian Zs​á​ger Bal​á​zs (unless you know him from before). And who can miss out on the latest from Pinkcourtesyphone? But first, let’s open up this day with Blurstem!