May 2nd, 2024

I’ve been a little quiet lately. I’m not giving you any excuses. But between my long-awaited vacation and some business trips, I’ve missed a few updates where I wanted to tell you about the latest music that I’ve been listening to on my commutes. That includes some gorgeous sounds made for Piano Day, for which I originally intended to run a special but decided to pull the plug nearly at the last minute because… well… because we should be celebrating piano music every day. Read into that precisely what you will. So here is a short list of albums, EPs, reworks and singles from April. Do give that crazy breakcore album from Christoph de Babalon a spin. I promise it will snap you out of whatever sonic funk you’re in these days… A much-needed headcleaner. Also, stay tuned for more music from yours truly – finally seeing the light of day after many months of marinating! 🙂