October 17, 2021

I’ve got some goodies here for you that were released into this world since my last OUT TODAY entry two weeks ago. I’ve been running this column for exactly a year now, with the first installment being on October 23rd, 2020, and you seem to enjoy it (I only know this because I occasionally glance at the stats). Personally, I think it’s a very nice collection of albums spanning all genres [well, at least the ones covered on Headphone Commute] that will perfectly go with your elegant palette. So here are eight more, ranging from ambient to modern classical to dark drone and soundtrack which will keep you busy for weeks. As usual, few words here, more music, so click around [I’ve linked up to Bandcamp when I could] and see if anything strikes your fancy. For an appetizer, I’ve got this beautiful new video from Markus Guentner, whose latest record, Extropy, I finished reviewing this morning [for an upcoming Sound Bytes entry], but one which you can order today!