December 19, 2021

Here we are, with the last roundup of the year for this OUT TODAY column. I’ve been writing this one for more than a year now (the first entry was on October 23, 2020), and I think that you dig a selection of recently released albums, EPs and sometimes compilations, for which I gather only a few words to get them on your radar. And as I’ve mentioned before – the short blurbs do not mean that they are not worthy of more – this is really some amazing music – I just can not keep up. I assure you that I have spent countless hours with all of the below, and I hope you will find here a gem or a trove, for these late-year releases also need all your love. Meanwhile, I’ll begin compiling my Best of the Year selections, which I’ll promptly unveil at the start of the new year [and yes, all December full-albums “qualify” for my lists]. Hope you enjoy!