November 6, 2020

Wow. A lot of music to share today! Must be approaching the end of the year with all these post-lockdown releases! Imagine if I actually tried to cover it all? Anyway, here are some of my endorsed selections [in no particular order] available today, which should absolutely keep you busy throughout this weekend! I’m sure next week we’ll be seeing even more! Check these out, and don’t forget, it’s Bandcamp Friday again, a great time to purchase Headphone Commute’s …and darkness came benefit compilation as well as all of the below, which I’ve linked up for you!

Meanwhile, I also wanted to share a beautiful piece by Stephan Moccio which comes out on his collection of Christmas tunes today, on Decca Records, titled Winter Poems. There are plenty of your favorite covers on here, played with a very tender, intimate, and personal touch, but my most cherished piano vignettes are his originals, like this track, titled “Wistful”.

Wistful is about that one thing, that one person we can’t have at Christmas – that piece in our hearts we long for every year… there always seems to be something/someone missing that would complete our Christmas every year…

— Stephan Moccio