Today, I am happy to share with you a new piece of music that will serve as the opening to the upcoming mini-album that I will self-release later this summer. To be honest, with all these written words for many years, talking about all this gorgeous music by many of my favourite composers, I’m actually pretty shit at self-promoting myself. This is why I usually leave this “job” to the many wonderful labels to spread the word. And then I amplify and filter. “Saturated Signals” is a continuation of my sonic journey initially explored on Sacred Tonalities, which was put out on the amazing Past Inside The Present in February of 2023. Initially, it was conceived as a bonus or a follow-up track until it evolved on its own, as music usually does. I then invited a few of my dear friends to rework the piece and add their special touch to the heavily layered synthesized and organic textures which I provided as a foundation for this piece. Each distinct interpretation offers a perfect tint of the individual composer’s aesthetic to create a collective whole that you can experience as a unified journey in half an hour’s time, connected by an interweaving theme. I will share these Saturated Reworks with the world in just a couple of weeks, later followed by the full mini-album, but first, here’s the single.