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Zach Frizzell‘s Indianapolis (US) based label, Past Inside the Present, has been an incredible force in the last couple of years in the ambient community. So much so that when I was putting the finishing touches on my own album and thought about the best home for it, PITP sprang to mind first. You may think that I’m singing praises here as a result of that, but if you flip through its impressive catalogue, you will immediately notice the quality output from artists such as ASC36bvdubLavWil Bolton, Pepo GalánSlow Dancing SocietyCelerPurlr benyEndless Melancholy, From Overseas, and … too many others to name here… and that’s just in the last few years! Opening its doors in only 2018, this American imprint has established itself as one of the leading voices on the scene. It’s almost hard to keep up! And I’m not even mentioning here Zach’s offshoot for his own works, Zakè Drone Recordings, or a digital-only sub-label called Fallen Moon Recordings, or a sonic platform called Healing Sound Propagandist. The stellar creations that found themselves on Past Inside the Present have appeared numerous times on these pages and HC’s End of the Year selections since the launch, so it’s only fitting to have Zach showcase the upcoming output through this exclusive mix. Enjoy the journey, and as always, please support the label!

This mix includes tracks that will appear on future PITP releases in 2023. Artists’ names have been concealed, so enjoy this anonymous mix!

— zakè


  • 00:00:00concealedGradually Fade
  • 00:06:10concealedLL1 (Beige Mix)
  • 00:24:41concealedIn Another Life (excerpt)
  • 00:30:13concealedFarewell to the Humming Air
  • 00:37:08concealedFaraway
  • 00:41:39concealedEris on Broken Wings
  • 00:46:17concealedTidal Disruption Event