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Annum 2022

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Yes, it’s already February, and yes, I’m still looking back at all the music from last year. But music can’t be “dated” – wouldn’t you agree? I’ve said that many times before, so let us practice what we preach. Today I am very happy to share with you a selection of favourite pieces from 2022 as curated by Brian Housman of Stationary Travels. We’ve been partnering in spreading our honest words about honest music for many years now, and I’m very happy that Brian still cracks on [that’s a new British phrase that I’ve picked up here in London]. In a way, we keep each other going, sharing our very special finds, making sure we don’t go too far off the path of being real to our cause versus turning into just “influencers”- do you know what I mean? Just as I’ve done in the previous year, I’ve selected my favourites from Brian’s EOY picks in a dedicated list I titled Music For Your Stationary Travels. In return, Brian highlighted my very own choices in this very lovely post. We play this ping-pong with you, our readers, and you must admit, it’s all for a good cause. Please enjoy this gorgeous mix and support the featured artists!

I think we all can agree that, in so many ways, 2022 was another truly awful year, but there was a lot of solace to be taken in the music that these and so many other artists released into the world. It is always a challenge to try to capture the essence of so much diverse creative output in a single mix. What I ended up with is an episodic journey that is a composite of what resonated with me on a personal level. Hopefully, it is a journey others will enjoy taking or, at the very least, will find something new along the way to enjoy on their own listening adventures.

— Brian Housman


  • 00:00:00Michael Scott DawsonTwo Solitudes
  • 00:03:21anthéne & stijn hüwelsfor a very long time
  • 00:11:42Blue DiversShallow Bed
  • 00:14:48Sontag Shogun x Lau NauHidas Laulu
  • 00:19:10Location Services & Derek Hunter WilsonPhoto Aware
  • 00:22:33Ralph KinsellaAn Ocean In The Pines
  • 00:29:21Wickerbirdthe sea weaver
  • 00:33:45Jamie StillwayWood And Windows
  • 00:37:08Harry Towell & Guy GelemMagnolia Hall
  • 00:45:26RosalesAgainst the Sky
  • 00:52:16DisassemblerIn Devotion
  • 00:58:04Adriaan SwertsSleeping Mountains
  • 01:01:10Rubin HenkelSome Don’t Care
  • 01:04:45part timerbye
  • 01:07:28John HayesIntention
  • 01:12:43Sin FangCovered In Blue Light
  • 01:17:48SérineSay
  • 01:23:48Aaron MartinAbove a Clearing