Daniele Bogon

Prima Luce

Release Notes

Label: Slowcraft
Release: Del Suono e Della Luce
Date: February 3rd, 2023
Mastered By: Ian Hawgood
Artwork By: Valeria Salvo

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We interrupt our ongoing “Best of 2022” feature to take a breath and spend some time with [new] music. Music, after all, does not believe in time, it just becomes into existence when it’s ready [sort of like us, but without the self-importance]. It doesn’t know that there’s a “schedule”. It doesn’t know that it may fade away before I bring it into existence once more, from the beginning. “Sounds arise from nothing and return to nothing.” And so it’s ready to be heard. Thus, today, I’m listening to a new piece by an Italian musician and sound artist, Daniele Bogon, who recently got picked up by Slowcraft Records for his upcoming album, Del Suono e Della Luce, scheduled to be released on February 3rd. The track I’m premiering for you today, titled “Prima Luce”, is a highly textured, emotive sip of widescreen ambience that is both cerebral and prosaic, just as this form intends to be. It’s a perfect introduction to his full length, “a brightly lit electronic work provoking visceral, intense impressions, [on which] the finely judged minimal aesthetic reinforces our long-held belief that less truly is more.” Fans of soundscapes, drones, and analogue modular synth frequencies, along with those evoked from Bogon’s guitar, hand made instruments, and piano, all captured, reworked and processed through a chain of fuzzy machines, will feel perfectly at home with this music, happy to be interrupted, at any point in time.

Sounds arise from nothing and return to nothing, but they persist in our memory, our flesh and our soul forever

— Daniele Bogon

Once again, the album is out on February 3rd, 2023 [I have to get used to typing the new year], lovingly mastered by Ian Hawgood, and beautifully packaged by James Murray in a rubber-stamped envelope bearing a custom postage stamp, enclosed within a wax paper bag. Just one of those treasures you simply must have…