Release Notes

Label: Mercury KX
Release: Open
Date: May 13, 2022
Directed By: Tom Oxenham

Listening to Lambert‘s playful and clever piano melodies you can already glimpse a bit of his quirky personality simply through music. But attend one of his concerts and you really get to understand that this seemingly amusing joke is immensely serious. Lambert takes on his whimsical persona and embodies it full on. And although there is plenty of gentle and fluttering keys in his lighthearted playing, there’s also some sadness and longing for something beyond. Perhaps one really needs to wear that Sardinian mask to see the world through those two little eyeholes to really understand the character behind Lambert. Or maybe no further shielding is required because his music already reveals everything you need to know. For his seventh studio album, and the third for Mercury KX, the Berlin-based composer returns to his instrument as a solo artist [after his collaboration with Stimming for Positive in 2021], to reflect on the world and our current predicament. The result is “a tranquil and restless journey centred on piano and crossing seamlessly between improvised jazz, classical and cinematic ambience” which serves as a perfect soundtrack during my recently revived headphone commute [both, symbolic and literal]. The video which I am happy to premiere for you today is especially humorsome. Here, we observe Lambert in all of his glory, taking the time to visit the British Seaside for a little holiday, with a nod to “all sorts of philosophical and existential questions about community and independence.

We all could use the perfect English Holiday from time to time, for relaxation and recreation. You wouldn’t believe what kind of fantastic ideas I get out of times like these. I promise we all will benefit from it! I will keep you posted!

— Lambert

When Lambert HQ approached with the idea of Lambert taking some time out, there seemed only one place this enigma would choose: the British seaside, completely out of season. I’d like to give particular thanks to the incredible local community groups in and around Thanet, who brought such fun to the project and took our horned hero into their hearts.

— Tom Oxenham

The album is already out, as of May 13th, available digitally, on a CD, and on black vinyl.