Simeon Walker


Release Notes

Release: Imprints
Date: October 29th, 2021
Mastered By: Martyn Heyne
Artwork By: Gregory Euclide
Artist Photo By: Will Killen

I honestly can’t believe that summer is already over. Well, I know that technically, it ends sometime around September 22nd in the Northern Hemisphere (sorry, Australian friends), but still, today is the end of August, and somehow it feels like the last page in a chapter before we move to the next. This one felt shorter and winter is coming. Night gathers, and now my watch begins. Er… sorry, I got carried away there for a second. It’s not nearly as dark here as in the world of ice and fire, and if need a bit of daylight I can turn to Simeon Walker and his upcoming four-track EP, from which I am happy to share a track with you today, appropriately titled “Gleam”. Elegantly executed on his upright piano (recorded in his living room), this charming transitory piece says all there is to say in its brief lifespan. The EP tastefully moves on into a slightly sentimental space, where Walker intimately shares the sound of his ache perceived in silence. And in the span of all of ten minutes of its time the music’s gone, the way the summer’s gone, and all the sunshine with it. The good news is that I can hit “repeat” here. The release has been mastered by Martyn Heyne and the beautiful album artwork drawn by Gregory Euclide. This collection of pieces is the first instalment in the new series of EPs under the name Imprints, with its initial self-released volume out on October 29th, 2021.

Imprints offered me the opportunity to return to my first love – the felted, solo piano that means so much to me […] The pieces are shorter than I have often released – quick, fleeting moments in time, yet still, I hope, intimate enough for listeners to imagine listening to me playing them in the context of my front room, where I make most of my music and where I feel most at home.

— Simeon Walker