Release Notes

Label: Neue Meister
Release: Arden
Date: August 20, 2021

Although most of the pieces on Arden‘s latest self-titled release are focused on experimentation with harp and her voice, the very last track, and the one I am happily premiering for you today, is purely instrumental. It is the minimalist beauty of her chosen instrument, as well as the delicate playing, with which I mostly connect, intimately captured in this single recording, each string resonating at a time, to create a delightful harmony, warm to the ear and to the soul. And with a tad of gentle post-processing using time-based effects, the sounds of “Like A Wing” flutter through the airy and light atmospheres to land on your dishevelled mind, to bring you calm and peace, in moments just like this one. “The harp has a warm, earthy sound with a very little treble,” says Arden, “This doesn’t fit into every context, it often won’t project well, but what I previously saw as a deficiency, I now try to use as a strength.” Long time admirers of the instrument, as well as the newfound audience, will be euphoric with this piece, and hopefully will in turn check out the entire album, released on Neue Meister tomorrow, August 20th.

I wanted to develop my musical vision independently, and trust my own ideas. I just wanted to follow my way of working, at my own pace, sometimes late at night, sometimes early in the morning, sometimes for hours, sometimes just minutes. I wanted to not look for perfection but to create from the moment, with joy and to have the courage to let imperfection become part of my expression.

— Arden