Release Notes

Label: Lady Blunt
Release: Vögel
Date: June 24, 2021
Mastered By: Ian Hawgood
Artwork By: Alessandro Lugoboni

Often, when I come back from vacation (or a silent meditation retreat, as is the case this time), it’s pretty difficult to get into the groove, into the rhythm of the daily life which appears to be pre-occupied with always the next thing. One thing is finished, ok, moving on to the next! Next! Thankfully, I have some structure in place for my never-ending music consumption, as well as some organisational tools to keep myself focused on the ever-increasing pace. So when I wake up, and my calendar says, “Track Premiere for Olec Mün,” I think, “ah, I guess that’s what I’m doing this morning…” and I’m actually incredibly excited that I’ve scheduled this ahead. The right music always seems to visit at the right time. In the case of this new album from an Argentian composer (now based in Spain), I am welcomed with the beautiful soft keys, minimal emotive music, and the soaring song of the violin. For “Storni,” Olec Mün teams up with Laura Masotto to record an elegant and delicate piece resembling a flock of starlings that brush the sky with their fantastic choreography. “The Storni birds never fly alone,” says Mün about the piece, “They all go together painting perfect geometric shapes that every time I see them, leave me speechless. What I admire about them is that they reach such a level of flow that you don’t see the birds anymore, but a great ‘being’ dancing in the sky.

When I invited Laura Masotto to play her violin in this tune, I wanted to recreate this dance that the flock of Storni make. Laura understood immediately what I wanted to transmit. There are moments in the song where there is no piano on one side and violin on the other, but there is a wholeness, indivisible and inseparable. There is an equilibrium within the constant movement of the music. I’m sure we’ve all had moments like these in our lives where we forget about ourselves and feel part of something bigger and more transcendent. I think we should all attain that as part of our lives since it is one of the most expanding and joyful sensations we can reach. I am sure a Storni bird never feels lonely or unloved when he is flying with his flock! Music offers me these moments, especially when I am able to share it with wonderful friends and musicians such as Laura Masotto.

— Olec Mün

The first idea that I recorded for Storni was the one that we eventually chose because it was so instinctive and naturally intertwined with the notes Olec was playing on the piano. Olec’s music envelops you completely. I remember that the day I recorded the strings there was a beam of sun that illuminated me and reflected on the violin: I felt the warmth in the music I was playing. I am truly happy to have collaborated with Olec because I really admire his approach to music and to life: he deeply believes in the good that music can do. I listen to his music a lot because it’s like being embraced by something genuine.

— Laura Masotto

Every piece in this album is dedicated to people who have helped me spread my own wings and fly in this sinuous trip of being an artist. In Storni, not only I invited Laura to participate, but also this piece is dedicated to her and the whole team of Lady Blunt Records, formed by Francesca Serotti and Alessandro Lugo. Finding a record label like Lady Blunt has been one of the greatest gifts for me. Finding people who connect with the love I put into music, and treat it with the same respect and consideration, is not something easy to find. So Storni is also my way of saying THANK YOU to this beautiful family I have met in the last years.

The full album is out tomorrow, June 24th, on Lady Blunt Records on all digital platforms.