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For this 285th Headphone Commute Mix, James Norman puts together a selection of tracks as a companion listening session to his recently published book, titled “Micro Record Label: A love letter for music fans; a how-to for the hopeless; a light-hearted, humorous, self-deprecating detour for the uninterested.” The paperback is both a fun read and an important and earnest bit of advice for anyone who even conceives of venturing into a running a small, or rather, a micro record label. Covering everything from design to packaging to promoting and finally selling your goods, this 144-page diary captures the current state of affairs in the music scene outside of the music business. Along the way, Norman mentions many of his favorite releases across various imprints that just seem to do it right. This mix features many of such pieces quoted in the book and serves as a perfect musical journey and as a soundtrack to his recorded words. There are only 200 of these printed, so I recommend that you grab your copy (I see some still available on Rough Trade). Meanwhile, if you want to read an excerpt, you can read this chapter on “Identity” on Headphone Commute.


  • Page 9New North WalesStormhead- New North Wales – Mobeer::
  • Page 15Kele GoodwinKite Strings – Portland Stories – Sonic Pieces
  • Page 15Moon Ate The DarkVentricles – II – Sonic Pieces
  • Page 23HybernationThe Folly And The Ivy – Small Gifts – Clothbound
  • Page 29Josh MasonS38A – L+ – Dauw
  • Page 51Outer SpaceAspartame – Split – Deception Island
  • Page 52Shipwreck DetectiveMovements 1-5: Above Sea Level – 11 Terrestrial Movements – Lavender Sweep
  • Page 55Olafur ArnaldsLjosio – Music Box – Orgel
  • Page 56Peter JorgensenVariation One – Palimpsest (For Strings) – Under The Spire
  • Page 56MordantMy Little Mozart – Petri Dish – Mordant Music
  • Page 57Heidi HarrisPaw Full of Sand – In The Lee – Reverb Worship
  • Page 68Hymie’s BasementLightning Bolts And Man Hands – Hymie’s Basement Live
  • Page 71r benyif i – Echo’s Verse – Dauw
  • Page 73YaaardI want you too – Kimberlin – Reckno
  • Page 75Rachael DaddNo Sleep In The Meadow – Summer/Autumn Recordings
  • Page 76Brigid Mae PowerShut – The ones you keep close – Oscarson
  • Page 81RuheDove – Easing – Cotton Goods
  • Page 84Danny NorburyBluebeard 3 – Bluebeard – Wist Records
  • Page 85MachinefabriekAfgebroken Flats In Presikhaal – Huis
  • Page 95Anna Rose Carter and PleqMy Piano is Broken – My Piano is Broken
  • Page 110Gideon WolfProfit – Replicas – Fluid Audio
  • Page 112Yong YongSide A – Orson Wells Presents – Akashic Records