Adriaan de Roover

voor Damiaan

“… merging feelings of distance and proximity into melancholic sonic entities…”

Release Notes

Label: Dauw
Release: Voor anderen
Date: Jun 5, 2020
Mastered By: Ian Hawgood
Artwork By: Skrew Studio

Adriaan de Roover, who is also known as Oaktree (check out a few of his excellent mixes for Headphone Commute), announces a new EP, titled Voor anderen, with which he joins a Belgian imprint, Dauw. The label has been on the forefront of delicate ambient music, working with graphic artist Femke Strijbolto create a unique hand-made piece of art that flatters both the ear and the eye.” With this new release, they welcome Maarten De Naeyer as a new in-house graphic designer to continue the visual identity while opening up the door to new artists. I continue to be happy with their choice of album covers, which “engage interactions between different art disciplines.” The work of Adriaan nicely slots among the label’s catalogue, with its soft blurry hues of minimalism, micro-drone and environmental sound. On the EP, elegantly combined organic textures blend with their electronic parallels, sweeping the wide-ranging frequency spectrum across glitters and bass. The selection features commissioned pieces between 2015-2018 “merging feelings of distance and proximity into melancholic sonic entities.

After having released several albums under his Oaktree moniker, de Roover decided to continue under his own name. New name, new music. Where Oaktree combined electronic music with neo-classical elements, his new direction is more centered around abstract, yet playful, sound design.

Voor anderen is out on Dauw on June 5th, 2020. Available on 150 tapes and digital.