Release Notes

Label: Ambientologist
Release: Fluorochrome
Date: February 2020
Mastered By: Ian Hawgood
Artwork By: Richelle Forsey

This morning I have a couple of new things to share, along with a video premiere that should really leave you speechless. First, I want to introduce you to a new label, Ambientologist, operating out of Amsterdam, dedicated to the “psychological capabilities of music.” Exploring the music for emotional and spiritual development, this imprint aims to combine artistic expression with the experiential absorption of sound. Then, we’ve got a new collaboration, between Brad Deschamps, aka anthéne, and Jamie Jones, who records under his Fossil Hunting Collective moniker. Together, they record as Still Harbours, and Fluorochrome is their debut released just earlier this month. Finally, we’ve got a set of exclusive video premieres, using the music of the duo, and the visuals of Beautiful Chemistry, “an organization attending to the beauty found in the chemical reactions” to offer a stunning set of aesthetically pleasing organic evolutions, which are both, hauntingly ethereal, and amazingly real. An unknown universe in itself, this combination is a striking encounter, which will awe and delight.

Pervading the album is a story of the perpetual contest between anxiety and hope, darkness and light, blending the two as equals. Fluorochrome, a fluorescent chemical compound that can re-emit light upon light excitation, serves as an indication of how light can elicit more of the same when shone through the right medium. This positivity is key when journeying through the uncertain, often challenging, corners of the album.

I’m only featuring two videos here today, and I invite you to visit this YouTube Playlist for three soundtracks more, as well as the Beautiful Chemistry site where you can explore more slow-motion reactions, including topics such as precipitation, metal displacement, bubbling, crystalization, smoke, and color change. Meanwhile, Fluorochrome is available directly from the label’s Bandcamp, where you can check out two more past releases by Henrik Meierkord and Antarctic Wastelands. My final nod goes out to the overall aesthetic of the imprint, its trust in the mastering touch of the one and only Ian Hawgood, and its beautiful album cover designs, the latter of which I include for your pleasure below.