Alex Kozobolis


Once again, I’ve got something different and very unique for you. In the past year, I have been publishing a lot of video premieres on Headphone Commute. I will go out on a whim and say that the artists and labels are trying to stay one step ahead of the competition, racing for your attention against the “one-off” tracks uploaded directly to SoundCloud. They are investing additional money and time into their works and make it more cohesive, palatable, and complete. But the visual counterparts are sometimes challenging to consume, as they impose a concept on an abstract piece of music, from which it’s difficult to disengage. Some work very well (the ones I feature on the site!), others may simply distract and divert (hence my personal curation). Today, I invite you to explore a world where you get in the seat behind the camera, and hopefully, along the way [if you look in all the right places – hint, hint!], discover all its secrets…

[Note: We recommend you use Chrome browser in full screen for an immersive experience]

Barcelona is a collaboration between AR/VR director Anrick Bregman and composer [and photographer] Alex Kozobolis, on a 3D model which is frozen in time, while the sparkling melancholic piano keys play on. There is a lot to explore here, if you take your time, and as you discover this unique medium’s hidden story, you too will melt into this single moment, where time is only used for sound. “The music references a complex place,” says Alex of his piece, “somewhere between a relationship falling apart and staying together.” The visual journey that you undertake captures those emotions, allowing you to “slowly peel back the layers of a simple story” on your own…

Our mistakes led us to Miro,
and our grief to Gaudí-
but we felt the sun in February
from Montjuïc to Battló

The track, “Barcelona” is taken from Alex Kozobolis’ album, Somewhere Else, released as digital and vinyl in April of 2019 by London-based Phases imprint. Available on all your favorite platforms, as well as Bandcamp. Read Headphone Commute Sound Byte feature here.