… calm music for chaotic times…

Release Notes

Label: Slowcraft | KrysaliSound
Release: Embrace Storms
Date: November 9, 2019
Mastered By: Francis M. Gri
Artwork By: Francis M. Gri

slowcraft.info | krysalisound.com

For today’s exclusive track premiere, we are honoured to share with you James Murray‘s slow-burner, titled “In Your Head” which is literally a half of his brand new album, titled Embrace Storms [the other half, being another long-player, “In Your Heart”], released as a multi-format split between his very own Slowcraft and KrysaliSound labels. The two pieces sonically capture the weather patterns which are rising and subsiding, rising and subsiding, all on their own, in the caverns of your mind, body and soul, where, instead of fighting, or even worse, identifying with this uncontrollable climate, you can notice, use soft focus, and then let it pass. Let it all pass… The music serves as a perfect meditative accompaniment to your daily routine, in order drown out all of that hum, and accept things as they are…

James Murray’s new solo work takes the form of two carefully constructed long-form sound collages; twin formations gradually unfolding in continuous, ever-evolving streams of delicately controlled chaos.

The release is out in just a few days, on November 9th, 2019, and is available as a CD from Slowcraft and a beautifully pressed limited edition vinyl from Milan-based KrysaliSound imprint. Highly recommended for the seekers of their inner peace…