… overwhelming music for overwhelming times…

Release Notes

Label: Spirit Level
Release: Sleeplessness and Hopelessness I
Date: September 18, 2019
Mastered By: Lachlan Carrick
Artwork By: Brigitte Podrasky


Spirit Level is an independent artist-run label from Melbourne, Australia. Often feeling like a whole world away, a whole season away, on the other side of the winter, this continent produces a special breed of artists, driving inspiration from itself and all abroad. Observing everything around us, and then expelling through the thought of music, the sounds of Nicholas Meredith, recording as Kcin, reflect on the “impossible vastness of the natural world” which is at once, external to ourselves with all its universal being, as well as private and internal to within. Listening to this exclusive premiere of “Always Never Enough” one can hear all of the tension, struggle, and release that comes with being a part of it all, as much desired as it is accidental, and in the process simply trying to connect…

Although they were made in response to a personal narrative of loss, grief and recovery, Kcin’s expansive sonic landscapes also seem to reflect the uncertainty and turbulence of the modern world. This is overwhelming music for overwhelming times.

The two-track release, titled Sleeplessness and Hopelessness I, is out today, September 18, 2019, and is available directly from Bandcamp. Recommended for fans of Blanck Mass, Andy Stott, and Rival Consoles… For more on this imprint, here are the 9 things you might not know about Spirit Level.