James Murray

No Ordinary Home

Home Normal is a remarkable label curated by a remarkable man. Ian Hawgood’s contribution to the minimal music scene over the past decade is hard to overstate. When invited to compile a mix to celebrate the label’s 10th anniversary I took it as a rare opportunity to submerge myself in this deep and varied catalogue. What I present here, upon resurfacing, is naturally far from a complete overview, better thought of as a few personal highlights from a significant assembly of artists and aesthetics that have collectively re-shaped our understanding of what minimal music can be.
James Murray


  •  Federico Durand, Ian HawgoodA Film by Federico Durand (Slow Films In Low Light, 2010)
  •  Silent VigilsRecursion (Lost Rites, 2019)
  •  Wil BoltonBokeh (Bokeh, 2014)
  •  Cass.Atlon (Magical Magical, 2015)
  •  Christopher HipgraveBorne on its lightness (No greater hero than the least plant that grows, 2015)
  •  Tobias HellkvistVesterhavet (Warmth Remix) (Vesterhavet (Extended), 2017)
  •  bvdubMy Skies Cry Your Name (The First Day, 2012)
  •  anthénewake (weightless, 2019)
  •  David CorderoEreaga – Gexto (El Rumor del Oleaje, 2016)
  •  Norihito Suda + Stijn Hüwels鴨 / Kamo (山水 / Sansui, 2019)
  •  Ian Hawgood空 (彼方 (Part One), 2019)