Susumu Yokota

Ambient Mix

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On March 27th of 2015, we lost one of our own, Susumu Yokota, with numerous releases on Harthouse, Skintone, Sublime and Leaf. This mix is not a eulogy for his untimely passing, but rather an echo of himself that still lives on beyond the time. Susumu is no longer among us in this particular dimension to explain and share the notes of his selections for this Ambient Mix. Compiled in 2002, we’re honored to be able and share this once again with the permission of the label. Perhaps we do not need the eyes to read the words describing this or that. Perhaps we only need our ears. Please enjoy…

I only met Yokota three times, twice in the UK and a third time when I visited Japan in 2001. Yokota drove me (sometimes at alarming speed) through the endless sprawl of Tokyo and Yokohama to the tranquil city of Kamakura, where we visited ancient Buddhist and Shinto shrines and an extraordinary vegetarian restaurant (a rarity in Japan) that only served variants of tofu (it tasted immeasurably better than that sounds). Later we visited an onsen (hot spring baths), a real Japanese treat. Though he spoke very little English, he was always a charming and thoughtful companion. A sign on a harbour wall in Japanese and English we saw on the trip inspired the title of a Leaf compilation: ‘Watch for tsunami when you feel earth quake’, an instruction that would haunt me years later.” —Tony Morley, Leaf Label founder, July 14, 2015