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Brian Records is a label run by Jim Norman out of Bath in the United Kingdom. Recently, I  invited Norman to showcase his record collection in Headphone Commute’s I’ll show you mine… following his announcement to raise funds for a book he titled, Micro Record Label: A love letter for music fans; a how-to for the hopeless; a light-hearted, humorous, self-deprecating detour for the uninterested (you can read an excerpt from the book, Chapter 2: Identity). The Kickstarter campaign has now ended with the project being 100% funded (and more!) so you can expect a great read when it’s finally published! We close out this campaign with a beautiful selection of pieces from the label we call Headphone Commute Brian Megamix.

Hopefully, this is an excellent headphone commute from walking slowly as the train rolls out of the station, to flying past towns and cities and finally the hubbub of London as you come to your destination, or that was how it felt when I did the 1 hour 30 commute from Bath.


01. A few words from Jimlad - Radio Brian Volume 2 
02. Brians - Peter Broderick - Brian 50
03. Unter - Nils Frahm - Unter|Uber
04. London Bridge, Wednesday, 5.30pm - Clem Leek - The Plan
05. Uber - Nils Frahm - Unter|Uber
06. Unter live - Nils Frahm - Radio Brian Volume 3 (Part of the Brian Box)
07. St. Michael - Johan G Winther - Of Use
08. That's Gone - Immigrant - No Claim
09. London Bridge, Wednesday, 5.30pm (Field Rotation Remix) - Clem Leek - The Plan Preorder Bonus Tape
10. London Bridge, Friday, 2.30pm (Danny Norbury Remix) - Clem Leek - The Plan
11. A - Danny Norbury - Split
12. B - Danny Norbury - Split
13. Partners in Crime - Laura Arkana with Peter Broderick - Radio Brian Volume 3 (Part of the Brian Box)
14. Sand that Remembers the Rock it Once Was - Moon Ate The Dark - Molt and Grow
15. Trees Return to Soil - Simon Scott - Split
16. 10 Diamonds In The Snow - Mitch Friedland - The Bandstand
17. Never A Lover - Clem Leek - Rest
18. I Am Darkness, I Am Light - MRC/PRB - MRC/PRB
19. Lights - Johan G Winther - Of Use
20. Another Glacier (alternate version) - Peter Broderick - Sketches and Oddities
21. Stop (Start) Twenty-Seven - The Wrens - Radio Brian Volume 2
22. Middle #2 - Clem Leek - Rest (Preorder Bonus CD)
23. North La Cienega - Gareth Davis - Nahuatl
24. First Lullaby - Wouter Van Veldhoven - Slow Lullabies For Babies
25. Oh Doctor Jesus - Gareth Davis and Machinefabriek - Jazz Standards Volume 1
26. He-Man Theme (Machinefabriek Remix) - Rungekutta Feat He-Man - He-Man Theme
27. Tape 5 Side B (Excerpt) - Andrew Broder - Picture of the Hostage Holding Today's Newspaper
28. The Cities - Johan G Winther - The Disappearing Act
29. Brians - Clem Leek - Radio Brian Volume 3 (Part of the Brian Box)