Optic Echo Presents

Best Vinyl of 2018

For the seventh year in a row, we partner up with Mike Jedlicka of Optic Echo Presents, to bring you the best of vinyl releases of the year, in one continuous (vinyl-only of course) mix. This one is nearly two hours long, so there is plenty for you to dig through, and then get ready for our Best of the Year lists which we’ll begin unveiling tomorrow. So open up your hearts, and hopefully your wallets, to celebrate a year that has turned out this music, and all things considered, was not at all that bad. If somehow this is not enough, be sure to check out the last six mixes, hosted on these pages (just search). And stay tuned for another very special announcement in the life of Headphone Commute! Happy New Year!!!

Dakota Suite, Dag Rosenqvist, Emanuele Errante – What Matters Most b5
Grouper – Grid of Points a1
Kyle Bobby Dunn – Print / Track 04 a1
Cremation Lily – In England Now, Underwater a2
Low – Double Negative a4
Gas – Rausch b1.2
Beach House – 7 a6
Dialect – Loose Blooms b3
Hotel Neon – Means of Knowing d3
William Basinski + Lawrence English – Selva Oscura a1
Helios – Veriditas a3
Christina Vantzou – No 4 a4
The Black Dog – Black Daisy Wheel b3
Alaskan Tapes – You Were Always an Island a4
Solidarity Hymn – For a Wandering Beam of Sun c1
Nils Frahm – All Melody a2
VA (Visible Cloaks) – Field Works: Initial Sounds b1
Swamp Dog – Love, Loss and Auto-Tune a1
Aaron Martin & Tilman Robinson – Thesis 11 a1
Jan Wagner – Nummern a1
Rauelsson – Mirall a4
Tape Loop Orchestra – Lead Us Into the Light b1.3
Serengeti – Dennis 6E a2
Aaron Martin – Touch Dissolves b2
Markus Guentner – Empire c1

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