Jake Lowe


I’m happy to bring you some good news this Friday morning, and today it’s the announcement of Évolène Lüthi‘s new Singles Series on the beloved Moderna Records. There are three records currently available for you to enjoy, from recently discovered names: Julia Gjertsen, Maxy Dutcher, and, the focus of this announcement, Jake Lowe. But we’ve got more than music for you today, and are honoured to open up with an exclusive video premiere, from Lowe’s piece, titled ‘Sarah’. Whatever your feelings are on the gentle solo piano pieces these days, you can’t deny the beauty hidden in these few simple chords, which will continue resonating in your mind throughout the day… And I’ll tell you this, I don’t know who Sarah is, and if she’s the focus of Jake’s past or current attention, but I can tell you from the heartfelt story of his song that she’s forever a part of his entire being. Watch and listen, and you’ll know what I mean… Enjoy!

This beautiful short piece, now accompanied by a cello and a violin, is available as a single from Moderna’s Bandcamp Page.