It seems that recently Headphone Commute has been premiering a lot of pieces from the upcoming releases of some of my favorite composers. Is this a new and interesting trend for the publication, an experimental feature designed to grab your attention or just a temporary gimmick from a PR agent as a way to get some dearly wanted press? I ponder all these questions on my own. And while I search my mind for the purpose of it all, the music of Slow Meadow fills my room, my heart, and all the empty spaces of an unanswered doubt. Suddenly, I grab the clicky keyboard with a strong desire to reach out to the invisible world, where you, my reader, drift in isolation and distress, to share this music which will keep you snug. So, regardless of the reasons for this trait, I’m honored to have had an opportunity to be the one to broadcast all these sounds, from artist’s ears to mine, to yours, which we together share.

“Hurricane” appears as the 9th track on the upcoming eleven-piece album from Slow Meadow, titled Costero, out on November 17, 2017. Matt Kidd has previously appeared on these pages, with his much lauded, self-titled, debut, back in 2015, which he released on Hammock‘s very own imprint, appearing to back this project once again, for this fantastic follow-up. The music ranges from somber to regal, with plenty textured accompaniment by the beautiful strings, gliding guitars, and introspective piano. Costero (Spanish for “coastal”) paints a lush still life of edges, boundaries, and borders, both, figurative and real, outlining our very own existence, from where our body ends to where the earth begins. By the time “Hurricane” lands on this shore, we are prepared to withstand its mighty winds, the force of charging energy, and the devastation left behind.