Matti Bye


Happy to premiere another video for you today, folks! I wonder what you think of this particular feature? I also wonder what you think in general about videos for this type of music, and how the optical elements interplay with their sonic counterparts, hopefully adding just enough context to make it enjoyable, without a truly overpowering visual message that takes away from the music. [Separately, I often wonder how and why people use YouTube to listen to music, but that’s a whole other story.] This new piece, titled “Melt” floats over into your universe courtesy of Matti Bye.. So first, the video!

Bye is a Swedish film composer with a few accolades behind his belt, most notably the Sweden’s prestigious Guldbaggen for Best Original Music for Faro and a nomination for The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window And Disappeared, so, in a way, it’s no wonder that Bye understands the intricate interplay between the music and the video. Scour the intarwebs and you will land upon a few beautiful studio albums, including a five-track EP, Elephant Made The Piano out on 1631. “Melt” is the opening track from his upcoming album, titled This Forgotten Land, due to be released on November 3rd, on the Stockholm based, independent Tona Serenad label. And it perfectly sets the mood for things to come…

Peculiarly otherworldly, serenely haunting, and utterly unforgettable, its melodies linger long after its conclusion, their atmosphere a magical mist that can never quite be apprehended. Out of time, but just in time, it confirms Matti Bye as a vital composer of visionary, cinematic scope. ‘This Forgotten Land’ will endure, in fact, because it sounds like it’s always been among us.