There are simply times when words do not capture the sound. It displaces the air from the tiny speakers in my headphones and enters my brain, like a virus with a sickness. It infects my inner process and freeloads off my mind. In this state I am a puppet, mechanically spasming to its message, while it is covertly feeding off my neurons, rearranging DNA. And when it’s finished, somehow I am more substantial, inhabited by a new awareness, shadow spirit, and insight. I am forever different. Welcome to Datacode‘s Wraithmachine.

Datacode’s cyberpunk operetta Wraithmachine unfurls the poignant story of life born within the virtual machinery of our own creation, the emergence of a conscious entity within the confinement of a limited system, an expression of the horror of that entrapment.

This unique product on MethLab comes not only with a separate set of aural reworks, but also with visual interpretations by Datacode himself, in addition to a 35-minute Wraithmachine AV feature, which was released as a lossless limited edition USB piece. The additional remixes include tracks by Flint Kids, Barbarix, Calqa, Mach Weichen, and Roel Funcken (among a few others), the latter of which we are proud to premiere on Headphone Commute as another re-imagining of the original (including the visuals themselves).