This morning I find myself sitting in a nearly bare office, which was once the headquarters of Headphone Commute for the last five years, as I prepare to depart this country and move on to London, hopefully for the better times. This is the last mix published from the United States (for now), and I’m happy that it will be by Roel Funcken, a friend and a confidant in various genres, whom I will be closer to, once I’m on the other side of the pond. This is the fourth installment in a six-part series that spans nearly 12 hours in length (please find the earlier sections on Roel’s page, linked below), and I’m honored to partake in this journey, as it fits neatly into my own virtual and physical, transatlantic, commute. See you on the other side! |

02-Into the Nebulae – Intro -Martin Nonstatic-Nebulae Live at the Planetarium
03-Snow Melt (Reprise)-Overcast Sound-Reflections
04-Where We Began-Tilman Robinson-Deer Heart
05-Lichen-Wil Bolton-Lichen
06-Reality Tunnel-Mind Over MIDI-Soft Science
07-Monument Builders-loscil-Monument Builders
09-Le Silence Qui S’Installe-Sonmi451-Hummingbird
11-Left Standing-Spheruleus-Obsolarium
12-Oh My Ears And Whiskers-Sonmi451-Alice
13-A Completely Disingenuous Comparison-Florian von Ameln-Rvvr
14-Deceiver-loscil-Monument Builders
15-Messy Hearts-Moon Ate The Dark-Moon Ate the Dark
16-Dream Of The Nightmare-Aidan Baker & Tim Hecker-Fantasma Parastasie
17-ontemplation-User_Ambiguous-Whispers Of A Dream
18-Spring Affects Him-John Beltran-Everything At Once
19-Stagger (rework)-The Sight Below-Reworks
20-Sagan -Purl-Sagan
21-A Very Late Ceremony (2004)-Kettel-Unreleased 2002-2012
22-Empty Hallways-ASC-Near Death OST
23-Two Worlds-Western Skies Motel-Settlers
24-Vanished-Erik K Skodvin-Flare
25-Two Feel Studies-José Silva-Modulated Tones No.1: Music For Framed Works
26-Reprisal-Rafael Anton Irisarri-A Fragile Geography
27-Noir Dane-Funckarma-Psar Dymog
28-XIV-Benoît Pioulard-Stanza III
29-Bonus {2} “In a room”-Dedekind Cut-$uccessor (ded004)
30-We get along-Lambert-Excess

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