I’m back from my vacation in Eastern Europe, finally attending Poland’s Unsound Festival, and slowly getting into my routine. What better way to start off than with another gorgeous mix? Today Herd returns to our podcast with another heady mix, featuring many pieces he is inspired by, with numerous appearances by FSOL to create that otherworldly dreamscape which has been haunting me ever since the day I heard Lifeforms. Lots of favorites on here as well, including ASC, Legiac, Roly Porter, and of course, Herd himself. I hope you enjoy this journey with me, and as usual in this case, less words and more music!

1.SChaltvorrichtung – Contagious Orgasm
2.Deserve to be Alive – Zeebox
3.Vertical Stack – Roly Porter
4.Cattle – FSOL
5.Untitled – Herd
6.Untitled – Herd
7.Accept things as they are – ASC
8.Dangerous Days – Vangelis
9.Terminal Window – Herd
10. Crawler – FSOL
11.Arteater Side B – Herd
12.We Have Explosive (Oil Dub) – FSOL
13.Generique – Miles Davis
14.Monolith – Akkord
15.Moonscape – ASC
16.Venous – Diffuse
17.Implant – Central Industrial
18.New Home – Akkya
19.Turton Hacks – Oberman Knocks
20.Jefre Tremin – Legiac
21.Bond – 808 State
22.Dreaming of You – Dream of the Walled City (OST)
23.Long Exposure – FSOL
24.Exist in the Repeat of Practice – Raime
25.Mountain Goat – Amorphous Androgynous
26.Tell Me – Sky H1
27.Battery Room – Blackhill Transmitter
28.Blind Blackening – Roly Porter
29.Landslide -Blackhill Transmitter
30.Hac – Blackhill Transmitter
31.Untitled – Herd

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